Stealthsync® - Software as a Service

The Power of the Group

What is Saas?

Saas is a software licensing and delivery model in which sofware is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Stealthsync currently hosts two SaaS platforms:

Stealthsync™ Manufacturing
  1. Automated Order Entry - Variant Configuration;
  2. Production Managment - Sequencing and Scheduling;
  3. Quality Management - Conformance Tracking System;
  4. Invoicing - Sales and legal document generation;
  5. Document Storage Services;
  6. Data Analytics - Power BI;
  7. Materials Management;
  8. Costing - Bill of Materials;
  9. Accounting Integration Services (Customized Web APIs);
  10. Service Management;
  11. Retail Distribution Integration*;

* Denotes under development.

Buyers Group Materials Purchasing Services
  1. Material Usage Tracking for Buyer Members;
  2. Automatic aggregation of all members materials usages for bid presentation;
  3. Vendor management services;
  4. Bid automation services;
  5. Data analytics services;
  6. Integration into Stealthsync Manufacturing Materials Management services;